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Every day countless persons like yourself on both sides of the Atlantic are engaged in German-American business. For the most part, our dealings with each other are very successful, generating over €100 billion in trade volume last year. Unfortunately, the encounters we have with each other are all too often marked by friction and misunderstandings, and these can lead to lost opportunities and lost business.

I’d like to do something about that and help you in your dealings with “the other side.” I am offering you a free subscription to my “Transatlantic Letter.” Every two weeks
I will send you, as a PDF-attachment to an email, the current “Letter,” containing relevant and useful information about some aspect of our cultural backgrounds.

The views, opinions, and analysis in each letter are my own, based on my experience in both countries. To start your subscription, just klick “contact” below and send me an email with “Transatlantic Letter” in the subject line. You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

William Parks, M.A.

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Earlier versions will be sent on request per e-mail.