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(photo, Klaus Schenck)
Transatlantic Encounter

A two-day session of the Theater of Learning
that will help you discover ways
to work better with persons
from across the Atlantic.

Today you are meeting with persons from across the Atlantic. You wanted to present your views on an important matter, but they aren't responding as you expected

The results of meetings like this are often frustration and lost opportunities. Transatlantic Encounter helps you clarify your concerns, locate sources of friction, and experiment with alternative ways of interacting with partners.

This workshop is for persons who want to understand better what is happening when they are dealing with culturally different partners. In the Theater of Learning, you learn directly from what you see happening in front of you. This is self-created theater, allowing you to develop better communication, reduce misunderstandings, and achieve more effective patterns of work interaction.

More Information PDF file for viewing: Transatlantic Encounter Flyer