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Transatlantic Coaching

Individual coaching for individual needs.
Improve your effectiveness
with partners from across the Atlantic.

There are two reasons for you to seek my help as a coach:
  1. You are dissatisfied with how you are working together with partners.
    You wish to eliminate “friction” with partners.

  2. You feel you could achieve more than is presently the case.
    You wish to unlock more of your potential.
We proceed in three phases:
  • Observe performance
  • Uncover friction in the interaction
  • Develop and practice alternatives.

    You demonstrate your style of interacting and communicating with partners. You receive concrete feedback, and we develop alternatives together. These we then practice in roleplays, giving you more choice in how you work with transatlantic partners.

  • More Information — Downloadable: Transatlantic Coaching Flyer