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(photo, Klaus Schenck)
Team Players

A two-day session of the Theater of Learning
that will help you learn
to work together and improve
your performance as a team.

Our objective here is for you, with the others in your group, to develop as a team and to learn from the process itself. We approach this in three phases. First, you learn how to work with the Theater of Learning framework; second, you develop a stage incident of your own choice and present it on stage; third, we evaluate this together and you work out a plan for your future work in teams.

At first you work under guidance; then you work on your own, present your stage incident, and evaluate the learning experience. Finally, you draw conclusions and set objectives for teamwork in the future.

The secret here is that only by working together can you successfully produce an incident on stage. Simple, but effective, and you become autonomous as a team.

More Information PDF file for viewing: Team Players Flyer