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(photo, Klaus Schenck)
Seeing through Conflict

A two-day session of the Theater of Learning
that will help you find ways
to learn from conflict,
re-see it, and resolve it.

In our work together, we want to find out how we understand conflict, how we are personally involved, and what we are doing in our interactions with others that makes them difficult and unsatisfactory for us.

Our approach in this is to address the underlying needs and concerns we have. These we make visible, first by clarifying what those needs and concerns are, then by acting out scenes exemplifying these. We learn directly from conflict itself, presented before us, from our experience of it, and by discussing this experience.

We will be seeking clarity: what conflict means in concrete, visual terms for us and the others in the group, and what specific changes you want to make as a result in how you interact with people.

More Information PDF file for viewing: Seeing through Conflict Flyer