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(photo, Klaus Schenck)
Expressing Yourself in English

Create scenes in English
and improve your speaking skills
in this two-day session
of the Theater of Learning.

In our work together, we have one objective: to get you speaking and confident in your own ability to do so. We start with simple exercises, following easy instructions, physical movement, and rythmic speaking; these are the activities of natural learning, very much as a child learns to express itself.

As you grow more confident, we go on to roleplaying activities, the heart of this approach. Starting with the simplest of situations, you learn to be both player and author, performing and creating for each other in the group. Then there is no stopping you in learning: we can reconstruct the roleplays, discuss them, and even use them to understand grammar. It all depends on you and the others in your group.

More Information PDF file for viewing: Expressing Yourself in English Flyer