Theater of Learning

Transatlantic Encounter

Seeing through Conflict

Team Players

Business in Three Acts

Expressing Yourself


(photo, Klaus Schenck)
Business in Three Acts

A two-day session of the Theater of Learning
that will help you develop and practice
better ways to conduct business
with important clients.

Your organization is involved in something that requires speaking English. No matter what this is, Business in Three Acts allows you to present this activity on stage, view it, and learn from what you see in front of you.

Act One: You practice using the Theater of Learning: you develop a fictitious example, present it on stage, and familiarize yourself with the procedure. A new way of learning.

Act Two: You develop what you are concerned about in your own organization into a stage production, view the interactions on stage, and learn from them.

Act Three: You develop roleplays based on what you have learned from Acts One and Two. In the roleplays you experiment with how you deal with others, discuss the results, and then envision improvements in your ways of interacting with other persons.

More Information PDF file for viewing: In Three Acts Flyer